Collaboration: the process of two or more people or organizations working together to realise shared goals. Collaboration is very similar to cooperation, and both are an opposite of competition.

My passion for helping people discover and develop their true selves extends to all aspects of health and social care and I collaborate with many other organisations and individuals in various roles, here I would like to detail some of these.

World Health Innovation SummitWHIS

My role as Wellness Director with World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS) allows me to develop myself professionally and personally as we work towards our vision:

We want the best health care system in the world, we want the most efficient and effective system so everyone benefits.

Health Summits are held globally, bringing patients, clinicians, managers, voluntary sector, education and businesses together to exchange knowledge, inspire and innovate together we all learn and our health service will benefit.

I have designed and run supporting programmes running alongside the summits such as WHISKids (Health & Wellness for the next generation),




WHISatwork (Stress management within the workplace) and Wellness events (bringing together local trainers/therapists/teachers offering innovative wellbeing practices, bound together by a mindful approach) . All programmes support our communities while looking for solutions to ease pressure from our health and social care services.


WHISWellness EventsWellness event




13244799_1101910716536523_145352857246606427_nMy Way Code

My Way Code is a new non-profit mental health programme for young people and adults to help build emotional resilience, autonomy, personal responsibility and identity. My Way Code is available as workshop with eWorkshops and App in development, also working very closely with WHIS programmes.

I support My Way Code through using the framework in conjunction with WHIS programmes.

West Cumbria Domestic Violence Support (WCDVS)

Many myths surround Domestic Abuse, however, it is highly likely that most of us will experience some form of Domestic Abuse at some stage of our lives.

Domestic Abuse affects men, women, children, disabled people, same sex couples,  the elderly and people with learning difficulties,  regardless of age, gender, geography or wealth and there is no level of education.

I work with WCDVS as an associate counsellor and run group therapy for men.

logo2Cuedoc Occupational Health

CueDoc Occupational Health (COH) is a Carlisle based company launched in September 2008 with a vision to provide proactive high quality occupational health for businesses regardless of the number of employees or remote location.

Employing a significant number of clinicians allows COH the ability to offer a flexible and responsive service for all clients regardless of geographical base.

I work with COH as an associate counsellor and collaborating to develop services offered to clients with my emotional and physical health specialist knowledge.

Professional Helpprofessionalhelplogo1

Professional Help was established in 2012 by Catherine Betley who has over 16 years’ experience of managing organisations and projects, starting and developing new ventures and delivering training and support to staff teams.

I work with Professional Help as an associate counsellor.