Condition: the state of something with regard to its appearance, quality, or working order.

My passion is helping people discover and develop their true selves whether it be through connection with another in the form of counselling, collaboration in many forms, or through conditioning their bodies as they also work on other aspects of themselves.

In conditioning it may be that you are looking for a great workout to lose weight, become stronger or more flexible (or all three) as well as something to complement your other body conditioning work.  I am keen to stress that I respect people for whatever motivation they have to improve the condition of their bodies; this can often be the gateway to exploring other aspects of themselves and I’m honoured to be able to offer the conditioning work I do, to support people on their journeys, wherever on those journeys they may be.

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I have been practicing the physical aspect of yoga for 5 years, a relatively short time and therefore I feel I can really connect with those who are beginning their yoga journey, whether they have commenced this for physical improvement or for emotional/mental/spiritual work. My personal practice and teacher training introduced me to other aspects of yoga, in addition to the physical aspect, as I began a transformative period in my life which began with my training as a counsellor; I am extremely grateful this journey now continues as I have been teaching and opening my studio, Bridge, as well as through other teaching, both of which I am honoured to share the beautiful practice of yoga.  In August 2016 I completed my full teacher training with Sushumna Yoga and this school of yoga inspired my teaching style.


Yoga is about far more than just the physical aspect associated with working on the postures, this certainly helps in introducing people to the idea of a mind and body connection and yoga allows us to explore this through awareness, acceptance and development of ourselves, which we can extend into general life each and every day when we feel ready. The start point for me is irrelevant, we all have to become more aware of ourselves in a way which resonates with us. For me yoga is about union and love: not only union of the mind, body and soul, something the practice of yoga can help achieve; but more the union of all aspects of ourselves and then extend this to our union with others as part of a wider consciousness, a realisation we are here to love.


Please contact me if you would like to explore yoga on a 1:1 basis and I would be delighted to work with you wherever you are on your journey as I truly believe yoga can support you in whatever healing you require, whether that be physical, emotional/mental, spiritual or otherwise.

Please see the ‘Bridge’ page of this website for more details of the studio and classes offered.